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There are SO many excellent tours and excursions to enjoy during your Hawai’i travel itʻs hard to choose what to do, especially if you have never visited or are going to a new island. That is why we have picked our absolute top 3 favorite tours and activities for you.

Food & Waterfall Tour

Food Trucks, Waterfall, Rum Tasting, Chocolate Factory & More.
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Oahu Circle Island Tour

Kualoa Visitor center, Northshore, Food trucks, SUP/Kayak & More.
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Private Island Tours

Best Private Tours on Oahu for small to large groups.
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Curated tours for your Hawai'i travel experience.

Hi5 Activities is a boutique Hawai’i travel agency that has put together a great selection of off-the-beaten-path style tours and popular excursions available on 4 of our most visited Hawaiian Islands so that you can book your activities in one place. From sightseeing excursions with a tour guide to more adventurous trips like a helicopter flight. Of course, you canʻt come to the islands without taking a dip, so you will also find our favorite water sports providers.

Experience all that Oahu has, from the historic Pearl Harbor to the very popular North Shore, home to the world’s best surf beaches. The dances of the Pacific are famous worldwide, so weʻve included our favorite lū’auʻs on the Island of O’ahu, known as ʻthe gathering place.ʻ Everybody loves the Island of Maui, or the ʻValley Isleʻ, and the activities on this Island are incredible, especially any tours involving waterfalls. Visiting the Volcano on “the Big Island” is at the top of most people’s bucket lists, and we have selected the best activities for you to enjoy. Kauai, referred to as the Garden Island because of its lush and wet landscape, is truly unforgettable, especially for the more adventurous traveler.

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Hi5 Activities Hawaii travel agency was founded to connect customers with local tour companies provide a high level of customer service and promote the Aloha spirit. Our friendly team prides itself on being the best Hawaiian ambassador, so we can give you the best quality service and advice for you to enjoy your time on any of the main islands.

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