Hali'a Custom O'ahu Private Tours

Hali’a Tours operates 100% custom and private tours. We can take you anywhere that is safe, legal, and not in a neighborhood! We focus on family friendly activities and can even assist in airport, cruise and hotel transfer tours to help squeeze every minute out of your vacation. An industry example in fun, compliance, community service and more responsible tourism.

Half Day Private

6 hour O'ahu custom half day private tour. Perfect for Pearl Harbor.

Full Day Private

This full day private tour letʻs you explore O'ahu for 9 hours.

12 Hour Private

Get the most bang for your buck on the long day private tour.

Hawai'i Private tours and Excursions

At Hali’a Tours and Transportation we only operate private tours. We believe it creates a more intimate, relaxed experience. Since weʻve been in the business so long, we can take you to the most popular places, but when there are the least people there. You will absolutely love Your Private Tours of O’ahu, Hawai’i.

All tours have flat rate, group pricing which is based off the number of people and tour length.  Choose from any of the most popular tour routes and sightseeing stops on the island.  We offer professional, safe, and fun ways for average families to save money and enjoy Your O’ahu Private Tours.

Half Day Private tours

half day tours

For those looking for just a taste, we offer the 6 hour private tour. Best for Pearl Harbor, a South Shore mini-circle island tour or extra fun on the way to another activity you have booked.

Full Day Private tours

full day tours

Choose from any route, combination or specialty tour to create the perfect full day private tour for your family. Combine the most popular attractions into an unforgettable day

Long Day Private tour

long day tours

Perfect for those looking to see and do as much as possible while they are visiting the island of O'ahu, Hawai'i. Choose from nearly all of the most popular attractions.

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Now that youʻve booked with Hali’a Tours island tours, letʻs start working on the rest of your vacation.  Weʻve put together our favorite O’ahu activities for you to enjoy.  Donʻt forget to add a lū’au and dinner show to your visit.  If you are lucky enough to be visiting another island, make sure to check out the rest of our specially curated tour and activites.

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